How to Reduce Your Plastic Usage

Many of us who recycle understand how hard it can be to use less plastic. Producers of products simply are not providing the plastic free options that are so desperately needed. While recycling plastic items is certainly better than throwing them in the trash, it still does take energy and resources to process the recyclable materials. It is better to not use the item in the first place, but this is easier said than done.

There are many ways we can change how much plastic we use. One of the simplest, but most effective ways to reduce how much plastic we use is to buy a reusable bottle in place of the disposable bottles that are available. For example, if you typically go through two water bottles per day, you could save over seven hundred plastic bottles over one year if you were to invest in one reusable bottle.

If you eat out often, one thing you can do is bring your own takeout containers. Most takeout containers are made of styrofoam, a material that is not commonly recyclable. Rubbermaid containers with a sealable lid will work perfectly for this.

One other way to reduce plastic when you are eating out at fast food restaurants is to bring your own silverware. A spoon, fork, and reusable straw can all be easily found in stores or online.

When shopping, you can look for more sustainable packaging options, such as paper pulp egg cartons. Along with that, purchasing items in bulk uses a considerable less amount of packaging compared to products with smaller quantities.

Overall, it takes an effort to live a more sustainable life today.  Although it may be discouraging at times, it is up to us as people to take the steps to preserve our planet for future generations.





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