What’s Recyclable?

One Earth Recycling is a single stream recycling service, which means no sorting is needed on your part.


Plastic bottles and containers numbered 1 – 7.

(check recycling symbol on container, rinse clean, no film or styrofoam)

Glass jars, bottles, and containers.

(rinse clean)

Metal cans.

(rinse clean)

Cardboard, clean and not soiled.

(please flatten)

Not recyclable:

Plastic bags, film, or foil.

(these cannot be recycled in Cass County)

Windows, mirrors, or broken glass.

(broken glass can be dangerous)

Pizza boxes or greasy food containers

(no fast food containers)

Paper towels or napkins

(the fibers are too short to be used again)


If you have any amount of scrap metal or any electronics you wish to recycle, you may place them in or by the recycling bin. A phone call or text for large or bulky items is appreciated.